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Mini High Speed Centrifuge

Mini high speed centrifuge

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The miniature high-speed centrifuge has a simple and compact 
appearance, and the maximum speed can reach 15000rpm. The 
specially processed low-noise design creates a quiet and comfortable experimental environment for you. Simple operation, digital display, sensitive and efficient speed control, easy-to-use operation keys, Short-term centrifugal keys, Rpm and Rcf conversion functions make you comfortable in various experimental stages.

Product features:
*Maximum capacity: 12x2.0mL centrifuge tube;
*Standard includes 0.5ml, 0.2ml, 1.5ml test tube adapter;
*The rotor is made of nylon, which ensures the strength and has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and low temperature rise;
*Two operating modes: speed and relative centrifugal force;
*With dynamic balance detection and shutdown functions;
*With motor over temperature protection function;
*Short running function;
*Use DC brush less maintenance-free high speed motor.

Technical Parameter:

Model HL-15KS
Speed range 15000rpm
Maximum RCF 15080xg
12*2 or 1.5 centrifugal tube
Adapter Standard 0.5 and 0.2, 1.5 test tubes
Timing 15S-99min59S/∞
Acceleration 14s(0~15000rpm)
Deceleration ≤14s(15000 to 1000 rpm )
Rotor Temp rise 5℃ (RT25℃, 15000rpm/30min)
Automatic imbalance testing
Over temperature protection
Ambient temperature  0~35℃
Relative humidity  ≤70%
Consumption 120W
Power supply 110~220V,50/60Hz
External dimension 255*194*140mm
Net weight 3.5kg
Gross weight 4kg

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