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Microplate Centrifuge

Microplate Centrifuge

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The HL-25W microplate centrifuge is an instant centrifuge specially designed for micro plates, which is convenient for separating the wall-hanging liquid. It is suitable for 96-well or 384 and small-capacity micro plates, as well as for various standard PCR microplates with and without skirts. 

Product features:

1-Simple and easy-to-use man-machine operation interface, real-time display of all operating information and setting information, convenient for users to observe the operating status of the equipment; 
2-Brush less DC motor, low noise, little interference, maintenance free; 
3-Support automatic shutdown function when opening the lid; 
4-Support touching running function; 
5-The acceleration is fast, from a complete standstill to the highest speed in 10 seconds; 
6-The braking time is short, from the highest speed to a complete standstill in 4 seconds.

Technical Parameters:

Speed range 2200-2800RPM
Time setting 15s to 1min59s
Maximum RCF 550xg
Acceleration time  ≤10s (0 to 2800RPM)
Braking time ≤4s (2800 to 0RPM)
Open downtime Support
Short run Support
Capacity 2 standard PCR microplates
Input power 45W
Voltage AC110V~240V 50/60Hz
External dimension 260*240*226mm
Weight 3.3kg

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